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Got a new car?  Napiers can protect you.


Napiers have access to insurers to protect you when the unfortunate happens.


With discount pricing Napiers can have you protected and on the road in minutes.


A simple call or online enquiry to one of our trained insurance specialists will get you safely on the road sooner.

Benefits include:

 Bundle 1st year premium with car loan

 New for Old Policy

 Hire car 

 Road assist

 Transport cover

 Market or Agreed Value


GAP COVER INSURACE -  Don't get caught short.


GAP Cover provides protection in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer, by insuring the gap between the total loss settlement paid by the comprehensive insurer and the amount required to pay out the related loan balance, subject to policy benefit limits.


Balance on car loan is $43,000

Comprehensive insurer pays out $36,000

Leaving your payout $7,000 short.

You can:

 Finance the shortfall into a new car loan if option is available

 Get a personal loan

 Use your savings

Or request GAP Cover Insurnace with your car loan to be protected.

Benefits include:

 Payout shortfall on car loan

 Bonus $$$ towards purhase of new car (amount depends on level of cover)

Get Protected
Get Protected
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